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                            About us

                            We are a set of development, development, production, sales in the integration of professional non-pillar door of large private enterprises. Since its establishment, we have been committed to the realistic and innovative, and follow the modern enterprise scientific management idea, by the "science and technology will create benefits" for the company's development idea. Adhering to the "integrity, practical, excelsior, innovation" management idea. With strong technical strength, stable product quality and comprehensive management service, good reputation in the market, the successful marketing to all over the country and southeast Asia, Europe and America, dozens of countries and regions.Looking to vigorous development, the competition of the 21 century, the company always implement the "to the quality for this, the customer as the center, continued to improve, production excellence product, provide excellent service" the quality policy, in the spirit of "solidarity, pragmatic, pioneeri........ More>>

                            New Products

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